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This conference seeks to be a locus of an interdisciplinary study on fraud, shadow economies and money laundering. It aims to fight and prevent these phenomena which are of increasing qualitative and quantitative importance in our contemporary society.

Fraud (including corruption), shadow economies (including fiscal fraud and illegal activities) and money laundering affect companies given the damage, unfair competition, by information asymmetry, the destruction of the image. Affect public sectors as it conveys structural imbalances, reducing revenue, the degradation of public services, insecurity and terrorism. Affect the societies as it enhances the anemia in ethical relationships, the weakening of democracy, the degradation of living conditions. Affect citizens for the degradation of building the future. All sectors (from economy to culture, health to sports, the urbanism to the environment, etc..) are contaminated, nationally and internationally. It is imperative to prevent and combat these phenomena.

The 1st OBEGEF conference aims to study these phenomena in an integrated way, to prevent and combat them, comparing experiences from different countries and political and cultural spaces. It is intended as a forum for experts from different scientific areas, an interlacing of experience of jurists, judges, prosecutors, economists, managers, politicians, polices, criminologists, psychologists, mathematical and data processing researchers/professionals, journalists, anthropologists, sociologists, town planners, historians, philosophers, auditors, forensic and all those that have prominent contributions on these problematics. It is melting experiences from different countries and political and cultural spaces.

The ultimate challenge of this conference is to build an interdisciplinary, international and multidimensional perspective of fraud, shadow economy, money laundering and the weakening of ethical relations as parts of an overall global process.

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